• Deliver your Archetypal Lineage in a next culture Gameworld.

    In the video below, Robert Gilman from Context.org asks,

    "Why did you incarnate now? Because you wouldn't have missed this party for anything! What makes news is very different from what makes history... We have not had this much fun for 5,000 years..."

    Watching this video all the way through earns you 1 Matrix Point in the StartOver.xyz

    massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-transformation game.

    Matrix Code:

  • No one can prepare you to jack-in to your Archetypal Lineage but you.

    If you are to be prepared, you must prepare yourself.

    Society does not care about such things as building endurance for the liquid states that occur during matrix building experiments.

    But you can.

    You are either prepared or not.

    If you are not prepared and you try to jack-in, your Archetypal Lineage may give you one or two jobs to do. When you fail to do them because your self image stories say, "I don't know how to do this," or, "I am too scared to do this," or, "I will never make it," or, "I am not good enough," then the tube that the jobs come through onto your bench will get backed up so no more jobs can arrive.

    Then your Archetypal Lineage has to go look for someone else to do the jobs.

    You might be able to get the job...

    but, can you do the job?

    Results don't lie.



  • Gateway to 4 Lineage Traditions

    Your archetypal lineage is unique and it will have resonance with one or more of the 4 core lineage traditions: Earth Guardians, Intimacy Journeyers, Evolutionaries, Gameworld Builders

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